"Cor Caroli" is a subtle dialogue between Gaïac woods, cypresses and Galbanum. Between hot and cold...... But a warmth that is both animal and comforting and a freshness that is as deliciously spicy as it is beneficial. A balance that this fragrance owes to its powerful aldehyde top note, florale and delicately milky, but also to an olfactory crescendo evoking a real volley of green wood: cypress, cedar, Siberian pine... The whole is subtly softened by heliotropin, patchouli and leather. A delicate touch of saffron brings the right amount of bitterness. At final, a fragrance evoking in turn a fugue in the heart of a French garden or a moment to smell the sap escaping from a freshly broken branch.

Helios Cor Caroli Candle