A real life photo filter. The DÜRER and RAUTE frames in solid steel or brass lay a filter
over your photo. The two grid patterns are drawn from sketches by Albrecht Dürer from
the 16th century. The act of partially obscuring the photo with a filigrane veil gives the subject
interest and depth. Ideal for picture with a greater sentimental than aesthetic appeal.

There are two patterns to chose from, the abstract leaf pattern we call DÜRER and
the expanding grid pattern we call RAUTE. Available in two sizes, 13x 18cm and
10x15cm, as well as in steel or brass. The frames are free standing or wall mounted.


L: 15 cm x W: 10 cm


L: 18 cm x W: 13 cm


Stainless Steel or Shiny Brass

Durer Photo Frame - 10cm x 15cm